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Foshan Nanhai Luocun Xuanchen Titanium Factory

Address: No.7, Liangui Middle Road, Lianhe Industrial Zone, Airport Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Phone: 0757-86138568
Fax: 0757-86138569
QQ: 952697588
Mobile: 18022295467

Hyun Chen Titanium always adheres to the tenet of “winning the market with quality and winning customers with service”. It introduces advanced technology and equipment from a high starting point, controls the production process with high level, and serves customers with high standards, making the Hyun Chen Titanium brand famous in the world. Make the development of Hyun Chen Titanium Enterprise change with each passing day.

Integrity, win-win
Customer integrity, supplier integrity, and partner integrity
Honesty for the company, integrity for colleagues, integrity for yourself 
Win-win with customers
Win-win with suppliers
Win-win with partners
Win-win with employees
Dedication, collaboration, learning, innovation
Dedication: A high sense of responsibility to the company and abiding by professional ethics.
        Focus on corporate interests
Collaboration: teamwork, active communication, active cooperation, and joint end
        Corporate goal
Learning: Continuous learning, mutual communication, and common improvement
Innovation: Continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and enhance corporate competitiveness

Business philosophy
Everything is customer-centric
Market-oriented, research and development, production of quality products according to customer needs.
Break the departmental boundaries and establish a rapid response mechanism in the shortest possible time
Customers provide satisfactory products and services.

Caring for employees
Adhere to principles, love education, iron discipline.
Respect the employees, listen carefully to the opinions of the employees, and create a good atmosphere.
On the basis of improving the efficiency of the company, continuously improve the salary of employees,
welfare. Follow the principle of 28, and be an excellent employee who agrees with the company philosophy
Provide good development opportunities.

Honest and solid, teamwork
Be honest and be practical. Be honest, respect the facts,
It is not right for people.
Emphasize teamwork, eliminate bureaucracy, and break localism.
Strengthen internal service awareness and serve the next process in the shortest time
Or link.
Advocate simple interpersonal relationships and put an end to corporate politics.
Share experiences and methods and improve together.

Learning and innovation
Create a learning organization and promote lifelong learning for all employees.
Relying on specialized production, we value market research and product development.
Innovation is the driving force for business, and imitation is also innovation.
Advance the proposal and improve the participation of all members in the rationalization proposal.

Quality management
Quality is the foundation of business survival, and quality is more important than everything else.
Full participation, system solution.
Establish quality in the process and continue to improve.

Efficient execution
Do your due diligence and perform your own duties without saying "impossible."
Fully discuss, make timely decisions, fully support and implement the established plan,
Quick response, immediate action.
Today is today, today is ready for tomorrow.
Seeking truth from facts, everything is reflected in facts and measured by data.
Three questions are not overlooked: no specific responsible person can not be missed;
I can't find the real reason; I can't find the best solution.
Do not let go.

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