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Ping An officially became the largest shareholder of the car home, the original CEO and CFO were cleaned out

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On June 25, Ping An announced that with Ping An and Australia Telecom successfully completing the share of the car home, Ping An acquired a 47.4% stake in the car home for US$1.6 billion and officially became the largest shareholder of the car home. At this point, the dispute over the ownership of the car home that lasted for more than two months has finally settled.     However, unfortunately, on the morning of June 26, the car home CEO Qin Zhi sent an email to the company's internal staff. The content of the email is as follows: Qin Zhi said in the letter, "I will inform you about the position. Today the company opened the temporary board. I and Nicholas were replaced as the company's CEO and CFO. As the parent of this company, I thank you all the time. Support, help, tolerance, patience. Unfortunately, from now on, I can hardly help you again. I sincerely hope that each of you will make the most suitable choice from the perspective of being responsible for yourself. Working together with you at the car home is My glory, walked through the best journey together, I hope everyone will be better in the future."     Qin Zhi, CEO of the car home (CEO). Fully in charge of two websites including the car home and the used car home in the automotive sector of the operating group. During this period, Mr. Qin Zhi led his team to complete the integration of a number of companies within the group. In July 2007, he joined the car home as president. Under his leadership, the car home became the most popular car-like vertical website for users. Since January 2009, he has served as Executive Vice President of Ausin Media. In August 2009, he was the CEO of Ausin Media.     The development process of the car home equity dispute:     On the afternoon of April 15, the car home holding company Telstra announced that it will pay Ping An Group for US$1.6 billion. It sold 47.7% of the shares of the car home. It is reported that Telstra will continue to hold a 6.5% stake in the car home after the transaction is completed.     On April 16th, the management of the car home proposed to privatize the car home. The buyer group was led by the car home CEO Qin Zhi and the management team, and Bo Yu, Sequoia and Gaochun Capital participated. .     On May 11, the car home shareholder has reported to the Ministry of Commerce for real-name, saying that Ping An Trust violated the requirements of the domestic Anti-Monopoly Law and the State Council's Regulations on Concentration of Business Operators. On May 13th, there were media reports that the car home held a board meeting. Telstra had temporarily added a board seat to the board of directors without the consent of the car home. At the same time, the two sides disagreed. Next, the share registration rights agreement was passed by force. Previously, 10 members of the car home board: Aodian accounted for 5 seats, the other five directors were Ted Tak-Tai Lee, former eLong CEO Cui Yongfu, No. 1 shop co-founder Liu Junling, three independent directors and car home CEO Qin Zhi, founder Li Xiang.     On the evening of May 16th, some media said that Telstra had signed a binding agreement with China Ping An Group on the acquisition of the equity of the car home, the two sides will continue to promote the purchase of cars for 1.6 billion US dollars The plan for a 47.7% stake in the home.     On May 26, Qin Zhi made a statement to the media in his own name and publicly accused the company.     On May 27th, the Australian Electric hopes that the CEO of the car home, Qin Zhineng, will stop the internal leakage of the company's internal information and blame the Australian power, and hope that the major shareholders and Qin Zhi continue to maintain good cooperation, but On the second day after the communication, Qin Zhi filed a complaint with the Cayman Islands court on behalf of the minority shareholders, and then the Australian power company filed a public defense against the complaint. This shows that the cooperation relationship between Qin Zhi and the major shareholders is on the brink of collapse. On June 20, the Cayman court issued an injunction explicitly requesting Telstra to take equity action before June 24, and Telstra could not take any action. The main reason for the Cayman court to issue a trading injunction is that the transaction faces China. The risk of the law has not been approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China.     On June 23, Australian telecommunications company announced that it had completed the sale of a 47% stake in the car home to Ping An, with a discount of US$1.6 billion. It is reported that the Australian Electric will return the majority of the proceeds to shareholders in cash.     Management shuffles     Finally, leaving with Qin Zhi is the car home CFO Zhong Rong. With the departure of Qin Zhi, the personnel turmoil inside the car home will also kick off.
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