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The first batch of 300 pure electric logistics vehicles in Shiyan City went online

Click:1537  Time:2016-06-28 08:26:00
On the morning of June 26, the first batch of 300 pure electric logistics vehicles on the line was launched at the Dongfeng Special Auto (Shiyan) Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Du Hai, deputy mayor, Luo Yuanhong, general manager of Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., and Qin Jie, secretary of the party committee, attended the meeting. New energy vehicles are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, have low noise, and have lower operating costs and maintenance costs than ordinary fuel vehicles. They are suitable for short-distance logistics and distribution, and the implementation of national and local policy subsidies, the market demand is large. The event was organized by Dongfeng Special Auto (Shiyan) Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Hubei Huichuang Tianxia New Energy Vehicle Operation Co., Ltd., aiming to let everyone know, recognize and use new energy auto products. The 300 pure electric logistics vehicles operated on the line are realized by the innovative operation mode of the seven networks, and the operation concept of reducing costs by quality operation, credibility of quality service, and innovation of mode and profit, breaking the new energy vehicle dependence government The original living conditions of the subsidy. More than 600 pilots signed up for the promotion signing conference, and 12 on-site annual and monthly customer representatives, representatives of the general contracting customers, and gold card members signed the contract. After the signing ceremony, the guests and drivers and friends also tried to test the new energy electric vehicles. It is understood that Dongfeng Special is the leading enterprise in the new energy automobile industry of our city. In 2013, Dongfeng Specialist selected new energy vehicles as a breakthrough for enterprise transformation and development, and cooperated with Shenzhen Waterma New Energy Automobile Industry Innovation Alliance to jointly develop new energy pure electric series special vehicles; and Hubei Huichuang New Energy Vehicle Operation The company has established a production and sales cooperation strategy to achieve centralized and mass sales. At present, Dongfeng Specialized Co., Ltd. has produced and sold nearly 10,000 new energy vehicles. In 2015, it produced the first place in the pure electric logistics vehicle segment. In the next step, Dongfeng Special will continue to develop diversified R&D and trial production of new energy products, fully develop the market, lay out service networks, strengthen the after-sales service system, and strive to promote 8,000-10,000 new energy vehicles in the city by 2020. Construction of 30-50 charging stations and 1000 charging piles will realize the electrification of public transportation and logistics vehicles in our city.
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