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Northeastern University vacuum coating fills the gap in world gold plating technology

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Northeastern University vacuum coating fills the gap in world gold plating technology

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abstract::The research results of Northeastern University - the new technology and application of high-quality decorative gold-based alloy target. The new process of "atmosphere protection melting, multi-technology control solidification, pressure processing, composite preparation of gold-based alloy target" Technology fills the gap in the world's coating industry.

In a vacuum environment, the high-energy particle beam formed by accelerated focusing is used to bombard the solid surface (gold-based alloy target), and the excited gold atoms are deposited on the surface of various devices to form a film, as if given to the tip. The device is covered with a "golden" coat to give the device excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion and beauty. It is reported that the vacuum ion sputtering gold plating technology independently researched and developed by Northeastern University fills the blank of the world's cutting-edge industrial product plating "gold" technology.

According to the introduction, Professor Yang Hongying from Northeastern University, the research result "New technology and application of preparation of high-quality decorative gold-based alloy target", combined with the research and development of Shenyang Dongchuang Precious Metal Co., Ltd. The technological process of controlling solidification, pressure processing, and composite preparation of gold-based alloy targets has reduced the gold occupancy by more than 30% compared with the conventional technology, and the target utilization rate has also increased from 30% of the conventional technology to over 80%. It fundamentally solved the major demand for China's economic construction and national defense security. The results of the organization organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association believe that: "filling the gap in the world coating industry, the new technology is the first technology at home and abroad, and the technology has reached the international leading level."

At present, gold-based alloy target manufacturers at home and abroad generally have weak technical requirements such as weak processability, poor corrosion resistance and wear resistance, low product yield and low utilization rate, and the product development cycle lasts for several months. Even more than a year, far from meeting the fast-changing requirements of the market. Among the results of Professor Yang Hongying of Northeastern University, vacuum ion sputtering technology has replaced the traditional electrochemical coating technology, which has greatly reduced the serious environmental pollution problems of traditional coating technology, and the two major supports for vacuum ion sputtering technology - equipment And the preparation of the target, forming a system integration process and complete sets of equipment, effectively solving the coating requirements of cutting-edge industrial products. The results are aimed at the common problems of tissue and composition segregation, dendrite development and high porosity in the production process of gold-based alloys. The joint problem is to break through the bottleneck and invent the solidification process of gold-based alloy based on hot top protection, forced directional cooling and magnetic stirring. Synergistic control of new technology, invented the new process of "casting-rolling-stamping-composite" to manufacture cylindrical gold-based alloy targets, and established a rapid design and preparation method of individualized gold-based alloy targets, etc., breaking through the long-term Many common technical bottlenecks plaguing gold-based alloy target manufacturers, the use of this technology to produce gold-based alloy targets in composition uniformity, grain size, hardness, corrosion resistance, color stability, wear resistance, resistance Oxidation, reflectivity and other aspects are superior to the quality of similar products at home and abroad. A total of 5 invention patents have been applied for, 3 have been authorized, nearly 10 dissertations and academic papers have been published, and 1 enterprise standard has been formulated. It has won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Nonferrous Metals Association.

It is reported that all kinds of new products formed by this new technology have already firmly occupied the international market, and the market share of high-end gold-based alloy target products at home and abroad has reached more than 50%, thus laying a high-end gold-based alloy target in China. The dominance of preparation technology. The new technology has formed a 5000kg/year gold base alloy target production capacity for Shenyang Dongchuang Precious Metal Co., Ltd. The number of customers has increased from 26 to 52, and product sales have increased from 120 million yuan to 510 million yuan. While broadening the application range and product added value of target enterprises, the application of this technology has also improved the entire industrial chain, greatly improved the competitiveness of downstream vacuum ion plating enterprises, and added more than 10,000 jobs for downstream enterprises. Brought more than 40 billion yuan in output value. (If you need to reprint, please indicate the source from the technology world network)

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